A cinematic dance performance about touch, intimacy and loving care.

On five healthcare locations spread across the country, 10 dance workshops are given to residents which will take place between march and may. So fifty in total.
This way, professional choreographers, (elderly) dancers and dance-students will connect to ‘local talents’ : talented elderly who participate in the workshops.

They will be working towards final performances on all locations which will take place in may. Everyone is welcome during these performances. Besides the dance-performances, the presentations also contain three blocks of interviews with those involved with the themes: intimacy and touch.
(Tango) music plays an important role in the performances.

We wrap up with 2 ‘kick outs’: in Leeuwarden and Rotterdam- for the bigger crowd ànd as a prelude to Skin Cravings 2018.
In the end, the cinematic report of Skin Cravings will be used as a driving force to start up conversations