Responses to our work in the Studios

How people have experienced our work.


The daughter of a participant

“A little while ago my mother was away for a few days and I […] stayed a few days with my father. When he came back from the day centre, we sat at the table. He doesn’t normally say much but he began to talk about the group of artists who were there with lots of praise. He said a few times that there was a lady who had an exceptionally beautiful voice, and you could clearly see the emotion in his face”.

Activities – supervision

“Your activities are such a spontaneous and beautiful addition for the participants. A participant even telephoned on his ‘day off’ to put in a request for a piece by Mozart. That you started working on it was wonderful. There is also a lady who wants to change her day so she can be there for your music! And what do you think about the woman who shouted during the singing and dancing/movement, ‘I must look crazy!’ When are you coming back again? We would like to see a follow up very much”.

Committed care organisation

“What Care&Culture offers matches our policy ambitions to boost the quality of the activity programmes and the customer satisfaction with the activities offered. What is offered has clear added value and has been a high quality contribution to all of the activities. It has improved the atmosphere and the mood. The team are enthusiastic about continuing with it.”